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March 6, 2019
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Model: Leather Rollup
Genuine 100% leather pen rollup pouch,  Pure Indian expensive leather.  The pen case stores upto 12 jumbo pens and 7 Slim pr 5 normal pens.
**  Note :  this luxury product is under SALE now. discounted 35% for a limited time. **
Brand : Antikcart
Model : Leather Pen case
Colour: Natural Saddle Tan
Length :  300 mm
Width : 210 mm.
Weight: 150.g
Body material: Genuine 100%  leather. Thicker layered full leather.
Pens storage capacity :  12 jumbo pens, 7 Slim pens (or 5 Normal pens).  If rolling up is not required 17 jumbos and 8 slim pens can be stored.
Made in :  India
Special Notes :  The whole pen case made of pure, high grade leather.  Not artificial leather.
The leather pen case has open pockets to accept jumbo pens, 8 column pockets to store slim pens. Plus one compartment to store accessories or cards. 
Please note that the whole pen case  is actual, genuine leather, treated for higher grade luxury products. No PU leather or artificial leather.  also please note that internal compartments are made of genuine leather as well. In retail outlets these are sold for well above 100 USD.
Please note this pen rollup has been made in vintage/classic style, and its design and the storage concept also follows age old Victorian pen storage.
Please check all the photographs. there are clear detailed closeup to clarify your doubts.
## return and refund ##
No refund or exchange available for this item.  If there is any problem with the item you received we replace the item. If we make a mistake  and sent you a wrong product or shipped a faulty product,  we replace the product with the right one and all expenses on us, but if we ship the right product in working condition, consider the sale over and no refund or exchange possible. Buy only if you agree with this condition. 
##  Package Contents ##
Genuine leather roll-up pen case packed in waterproof material.
* the price included for a single unit of genuine leather pen case as you see in the Pictures with Measurement listed above *
## Shipping & Delivery ##
Packing :  Packing is done in a waterproof material and wrapped in Bubble-wrap, then again packed in a carton box.
Shipping partners :  This pen case will send through India post registered international.  Speed post with tracking number will cost your 10 more dollars.
Delivery time :  Product will be shipped from Southern India, Kerala.  depending on the shipping service you choose, transit time will be 15-30 days.
For 24 hours support please reach us on whatsapp messaging +919995616500
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