Parker Duofold Centennial Blue Marble Edition Fountain Pen & Ballpoint Pen Setverified ad

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March 22, 2019
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Brand: Parker
Model: Duofold Centennial Blue Marble Edition Fountain Pen & Ballpoint Pen Set
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Parker Duofold Centennial Blue Marble Edition  Fountain Pen & Ballpoint Pen.

This set is set of 2 pens, 1 Fountain Pen Fine nib and 1 Ballpoint pen, both Parker Blue Marvel Edition from 1989.

 These pens waere made in the UK

The photo were taken from the actual pens on sale, we gladly recommend to take a moment to see the condition of those masterpieces yourself. We can provide other photos if needed.

Fitted with an 18k solid gold Fine nib.

 The nibs were were offered in four standard grades and 22 non-standard. Initially the customers had a choice between a 14K or 18K nib, but the 14K nibs were discontinued in March of 1989. The nibs sported an attractive ruthenium arrow motif, and the tips, often referred to as the "iridium", were also made from ruthenium. Ruthenium is a very hard metal that belongs to the platinum family and is inert to most chemicals.


In 1991 Parker offered a Centennial fountain pen in Orange as a Special Edition. The pens had a crown with the pendulum pattern and came in a cherrywood box.  1,000 un-numbered sets were initially offered but the design became so popular that Parker continued to produce them for several years. In 1993 it was still referred to as a Special Edition, but from 1994 it was part of the regular line although it was discontinued in 1995.

The pen for sale is the same one in the photos, it’s almost mint, no scrathes, no signs of usage, with the originals box and papers. Note that the body of the fountain pen is lightly discoloured.

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